Friday, July 12, 2013

8 Minutes can change you for a lifetime.........

This trip has been absolutely amazing thus far. Everyone is so kind and express interest in the conversations that they hold with you.  I have loved many things about the trip. The group on this trip is  a wonderful grouping of people and we are able to laugh and share and create wonderful memories together on our adventure here in Ireland.

As a coordinator of the trip, I have had the pleasure of going out into the city of Cork to make arrangements for our excursions.  On each bus ride (and there have been many!), I have met so many wonderful people just in passing.  I may never see them again, but they have greatly impacted my views of life and loving and respecting one another.

On one particular trip to the Kent Train station, I encountered on gentleman in particular.  He was 88 years of age and a perfectly lovely man.  We began on the 8 minute bus ride sitting in the same row, but each at the left and right windows of the bus. Maybe he just wanted someone to talk to, but he scooted into the aisle seat and said hello to me and asked me if I was enjoying Cork.  We then conversed for the remainder of the bus ride about weather and the beautiful sun; that he was in from Dublin for a holiday and that he was 88 and retired and what else could be better than walking around Cork and then Cobh (Cove). He'd also bought a coat that morning because he was getting a cough and he didn't want it to go to his chest.

We both walked into the train station and each needed to purchase tickets. He bought for himself to Cobh for the day and I bought for the group to Cobh for the evening. After that, we exchanged goodbyes and I suddenly felt this pang in my heart. All I could feel was worry for him not to get sick from his cough and sadness knowing that I would never see him again or even know how he was doing.

I never knew his name, but our encounter together will forever be engrained on my heart.  I can't tell you why it impacted me so; all I can say is that it did.

Each person on this earth has a story. They just need someone to hear it.

As always, Cheers!


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