Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Education and Adventure!

Classes so far have been going great! We met with representatives from University College Cork yesterday, and they were gracious enough to continue answering questions after the scheduled meeting time had passed. Not only was it educational, but they made it enjoyable as well. Last night was our first discussion about our individual topics and papers. I shared my information about adult education in Ireland and the Unites States. The peer review was helpful to polish some of my ideas and am sure that my paper is on the right track (especially with the help and answers I am receiving from our colleagues here in Ireland).

 Today we devoted the day to understanding how the history of Ireland  (and the European Union) formed the current educational structure we see here today. We then did the same thing with the United States to compare and contrast the two. I was astonished by how much the history of the country played a role in the formation of their educational system. Tomorrow we are going to meet representatives from  the Mary Immaculate College of Education at the University of Limerick. 

We also took a short trip to the old Cork jail (Gaol). It was a long, hot walk but was yet another bonding experience for all of us. The strange thing was that it looked more like a castle than a jail. Soon afterwards we were famished and went to dinner, I had a staple here in Ireland: fish and chips. It was delicious! 

Keep tuning in because we will be sharing more information about our education, adventures, and fun!

Front view from the Cork Gaol

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