Wednesday, July 10, 2013

First few days. ~Matt

   The first few days I have spent in Ireland have been nothing short of amazing.  All six of us from UofL are completely different but could not have been more perfectly matched.  We have bonded very quickly.  I have found that the people here are personable and accommodating.  The weather has been beautiful, which every local loves to reiterate.

   On Tues. I spent a large portion of the day with who seems to me now like the best possible person to have met in relation to my field.  She was extremely knowledgable and willing to give up part of her work day to make sure that I had a thorough understanding of the special education system in Ireland.  We visited a summer school program which enrolls children with Autism Spectrum disorder.  I was incredibly impressed with the program as well as all of the other information to which I have not been privy.

   The early intervention strategies practiced in Ireland are fundamental in the development of children with Autism.  The students that I observed fell within different ranges of the spectrum but yet seemed social and communicative with peers and adults. Although the special education system and it's legislation in Ireland is relatively new in comparison to that of the United States', I noticed that it is very progressive, and had many similarities.

  Time has flown since being here, but I definitely looking forward to the rest of our time in Ireland.

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