Thursday, July 11, 2013

Last half of the trip! Jennifer

We are in the second half of our trip and I cannot believe time has gone by so fast! Today has been my favorite day (I got to go shopping). We went for a visit at the cork institute of technology and they had so much neat stuff. We had an in depth tour of the culinary arts department. They had an awesome bar set up for bartenders to learn how to serve bar, I used to bartend so I found it very interesting. They also had state of the art classrooms and kitchens for the chefs. The CIT was a great place to visit, I wish I could take students there for field trips.

After the CIT, Rachel and I went shopping. We were able to accomplish a lot in an hour! One of my favorite parts about cork is how nice the people are. We have met so many interesting characters here in Ireland. 

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